A.D.D.'s Not A Problem For Me

A lot of people talk about how A.D.D. is some really big problem, and how people with it should be treated differently. Well, I happen to believe the complete opposite, alright? I have A.D.D., and I think that...aw man, my armpits totally stink. I really need to take a shower, or something.

Oh man, look at what's on the tube. It's Scooby Doo!! Man, I love that guy. "Hey Scoob, would you do it for one Scooby Snack? No? How about a whole truckload of Scooby Snacks?" The problem is that LFO totally ruined the fuckin' Scooby Snacks concept by using it to rhyme with anything, like relax, tax, Big Macs, and booty smacks. Oh no, it's the ones with that piece of shit, Scrappie Doo. More like Crappie Doo. Crappie See, Crappie Doo. Why the hell did they ever bring him on the show? I can just hear the producers, "Ok, we're looking to make the show much worse. Let's bring on some annoying little midget dog." Good work, guys!

I've got to change the friggin' channel, or something. Whoah, was that breasts? We have a winner! You gotta love the french channels, cause where else can you get free nudity? Except for maybe the ladies change rooms. Wait, did I say ladies change rooms? Sorry, cause its not like I plant miniature cameras in there. Dammit, a guy's schlong! Is that really necessary? How many women do they think are watching this? Women can get free sex from guys any time that they want, am I right guys? They don't have to resort to watching this. It'd be like Superman taking an airplane.

Damn, am I ever friggin' hungry. I think all this channel surfing is wearing me out. I'm going to chew my arm off if I don't get something to eat. Geez, all we have are those pizza pockets. But those cool dudes in the commercial eat them, so I guess they're okay for me. And those guys are so in your face. Dude, to the max!! Ha ha ha!! Those guys are fuckin' posers. I bet they wear big baggy pants an go, "Yo! Yo! Yo! Wazzup boyz!!" The only hood they've ever seen is on a shirt. I bet they get wailed on at school. What's in this pizza? It tastes like crap. Combination? Yeah, right. They probably just pump orangy goop into all the pockets, and then give them different names.

Shit, am I pumped, or what? Look at these pecks. Call the plumber, cause these pipes are gonna burst. And no, ladies, I don't use steroids. These puppies are all natural. I'll be fighting off the babes with a killer body like this. Check out these abs!! I could grate cheese on these babies! Hey, I think I'll try that... That was pretty damn gross. I think I've still got some cheddar jammed in my belly button. That stuff's really gonna start to smell. It certainly couldn't smell any worse than...your mama! Oh, take that. With slams like that, and pipes like these, I could join the WWF. Of course, I'd have to wear really gay ass clothing. Those gays are so gay, hopping all over each other. I bet the WWF stands for World Wide Fruits.

So, as I was saying, A.D.D. ain't a problem for me. The next time someone... Hey, my lamp is bright!

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