Alf Vs. Mr. Belvedere

Can you actually imagine that my friend Gary tried to convince me that Alf can hold a candle to Mr. Belvedere?

I know what you're thinking… both are aliens, and both are outsiders hilariously transplanted into suburban families, but that's where it ends. I mean, sure, it is funny how Alf is always trying to eat that frisky feline, Lucky. And the way Willie always gets angry at Alf manages to crack me up every time.

But hey, no matter how hilarious the Alf series may have been, it's nowhere near the caliber of the heartwarmingly hilarious antics of Mr. Belvedere and the Owens family. Come on… that Mr. Belvedere is always coming up with snappy one-liners, and the way Wesley is always causing trouble is solid gold.

I can't help but stop and wonder how the writers keep coming up with this stuff time and time again. Each week had a creative and original plot... I can't help but feel like those wacky kids and their devil-may-care butler are part of my family. If I listen hard enough I can almost hear Mr. Belvedere's irate cries of "Wesley!!' echoing through my empty house.

Not to mention the strong moral message that was so seamlessly packed into each and every hilarious episode. I mean, that episode where Mr. Belvedere was challenged to a duel to the death by a midget… it really made me think.

Now, my friend Gary, on the other hand tried to convince me that Alf was just as good. He had the nerve to say that the acting on Alf was as good as the truly poignant perfomances rendered by the cast of Mr. Belvedere.

I asked him "If Alf's so great, how come it's on at 4:30 in the morning, when Mr. Belvedere is on TWICE at 2:30." That certainly shut him up… besides, everyone knows that Mr. Belvedere is only 2 degrees away from Kevin Bacon, while Alf is a laughable 3.

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