Are You A Bad Enough Dude To
Rescue The President?

Stern looking man in olive bomber jacket

Well, are you? Sure, we all know that you talk big. But when you get right down to it, everyone knows that your badness department is seriously understocked. You heard me, I said that I don't think you have the goods to be bad.

I mean we're talking about a team of international ninjas who succesfully kidnapped the president. And not the president of some backwards, pansy country like Haiti or France, but the president of the flag-wavinest, revolution havenest U.S of A! I for one think that these ninjas could teach you a lesson or two in badness and still have time to pick a fight with some nazi bikers.

These guys are so bad that even though they could simply outnumber you two hundred to one, they prefer to face you one or two at a time to prove their own innate badness. So sure, you may think you're bad just because your mom used to call you a bad boy but you've still got a thing to learn about being bad.

If you were really all that bad you would've kicked my ass the instant I even questioned your badness. "I think he's talkin' to me" you'd say, as you dealt out a healthy dose of whoopass, instead you just stand there all pouty like a little schoolgirl, saying "Boohoo, the president has been kidnapped by ninjas but I'm not bad enough to do anything about it. I think I'll just suck my thumb". I knew it all along, you aren't a bad enough dude to save the president.

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