Bouchard Uses Time Machine To Escape From Future, Aided By Past Self

Lucian Bouchard, former leader of the now defunct Parti Quebecois, has escaped from the future. Condemed to a lifetime of hard labour on the lunar prison of the year 2215 for crimes against time, Bouchard was expected to spend the rest of his days digging for admantanium ore.

However, in a move which many "didn't see coming," Bouchard aided himself in a daring escape from the prison, and, by association, the year 2215.

Apparently, after escaping, Bouchard sent a message to himself in the year 1996 to come and aid in the escape. Authorities believe that this sort of temporal paradox is "most heinous."

Past Bouchard, after stealing the time machine his future counterpart originally used, travelled to the future and, posing as one Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan, distracted authorities long enough for Future Bouchard (subjectively, Present Bouchard) to escape. The two Bouchards then joined forces and travelled to the the year 1955, in order to sent in motion the events necessary for Quebec's independence.

Timelines shifted as the Bouchards rewrote history, and finally settled on the Quebecois-ruled world which the two time-travellers returned to.

"Victory is ours!" said the Bouchards, upon returning to the present time. "Now, the Quebecois can live without the threat of the English scum corrupting our noble language." Just then, in an impressive burst of light, sound, and expensive special effects, the Time Police arrived in our era and arrested the Bouchards again - in the nick of Time.

"There's something very familiar about all this," one anonymous spectator noted.

Future Bouchard was sent to the year 1885, where he will work mining coal in the old West. Past Bouchard was sent back to the future, where he will serve time for the crimes he has yet to commit.

Timelines were restored by the Time Police, but a few minor yet niggling differences remain between our new existance and our old one. For personal reference, please keep in mind that the month of October no longer exists. MADHOUSE sends our condolences to the families which once had children born in October. Although the familes can no longer remember them, rest assured that the children born were the most noble spirits ever to grace the timestream.

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