Show Sends Man Spiralling Into Coma

John Sampson, of Edmonton, Alberta, lapsed into a coma after exposure to a television show.

Sampson was minding his own business, and watching the comedy show Just For Laughs, when he was exposed to an incident that sent him into a coma. Sampson describes the incident, " being one of the worst experiences of my life. I was just coming from a kitchen with a Pepsi, and I flopped into my couch. I thought, 'What the hell? I'll watch "Just For Laughs" for a second.' Just after I sat down I heard the announcer say, 'Some things don't need a title.' That seemed like a strange, but intriguing title. I leaned forward in anticipation. That's when, whoah God, two guys walked out, buck naked, but with balloons in front of their groins. These balloons slowly deflated, and the guys rapidly switched balloons with each other. They might have thought it was funny, but I certainly didn't. There were points where their weiners were clearly exposed. The sheer bizarreness of this scene made me start to feel wozy. I fell over and banged my head on the coffee table. I woke up here, in the hospital. I'll never watch that show again."

Representatives from Just For Laughs showed pity for what happened to Mr. Sampson. "Oh crud! I thought we were going to take that tape out of the archives. We're so, so sorry that the episode was played again. Rest assured that it won't happen again.", said Fred Poots, a representative for the Just For Laughs organizers.

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