Hollywood's Portrayal Of Cyborgs Is Threatening Their Survival

By Eric, The Big "E"

Once thought of as the perfect tool of mass destruction, the cyborg's survival on this planet is in jeopardy. Cyborgs today are the culmination of the most advanced cybernetic technology. Cy-Tech, the leader in cyborg technology, first introduced the cyborg to the world in 1982. Mind you, they were relatively primitive compared to todays model T-3500s. Cyborgs had been thriving for quite a while, and have long been adapting to their environment.

But, with the introduction of movies like The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Universal Soldier, and other such films, the cyborg population has been steadily plummeting. The reason: cyborgs are being dismantled by panicking civilians. Movies like these are enjoyed by millions, but they portray cyborgs as emotionless killing machines, machines that will kill any humans that stand in the path of their total world domination. This couldn't be further from the truth. Cyborgs are extremely important in defending humanity. Without them there's no way to stop the impending invasion of the Quaglars. Do you our human flesh will be resistent to their high-tech laser weaponry? Ha, I think not!! They'll cut through us like a hot knife through butter. Cyborgs are there to form the primary layer of Earths defence.

The fact is that more people are killed each year by spontaneous brain explosions caused by Full-House reruns than by cyborg attacks. Unfortunately, our perception of the cyborg as a mindless killing machine causes fear, and lessens our desire to push for their conservation. What we need to do is to forget all of the negative press surrounding cyborgs and realize that it might only be a matter of time before cyborgs are wiped off the face of the Earth.

Cyborgs have a vital role on this planet. They protect us from space invaders, act as an extremely powerful military force to serve us in war-stricken countries, and can be ordered to perform tasks deemed too dangerous or tedious for humans. For example, they could work in extremely hot or cold environments, or review National Lampoon movies without committing suicide. Normal humans couldn't do these tasks, but cyborgs do them without complaint at all.

Each year, 100 thousand cyborgs are dismantled, often when they're in sleep mode and recharging their battery packs to serve humans for another day. They're not doing anything to hurt anyone, with the possible exception of the middle-eastern warlords who are stupid enough to believe that their soldiers can contend with the superior military might of cyborgs. It is true that cyborgs do occasionally kick middle-eastern warlord ass.

MADHOUSE interviewed T-3500/A69, and he had some very interesting statements to make. "I don't understand why people want to kill us. I risk my life fighting for you ungrateful people, and you look at me as if I have a heart of stone. Just yesterday, I saw a woman being mugged by 3 assailants, and I went into targeting mode. I soon was able to brutally separate the attacker's heads from their bodies. I'd like to see a human do that. I mean, sure my servo actuator did malfunction, and I killed the woman and 7 other innocent civilians, but you win some and you lose some."

We need to realize that through movies, Hollywood has instilled in us an unrealistic fear of cyborgs. Killing machines bent on conquering mankind are fiction, and should be thought of as such. Sure, some cyborgs do revert to that purpose in their primary programming, but they're a minority. Cyborgs are greatly in need of our protection.

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