Elton John Can't Explain, But It's Something About The Way I Look Tonight

Elton John was beyond words last night, has he discovered that there was "definitely something" about the way I looked.

"I just can't explain." he crooned.

The only thing that was apparant was that it, whatever it was, took his breath away, moments before it proceeded to touch him "deep inside."

Moments after the event, Elton reiterated how it remained inexplicable, but was somehow tied in with my appearance.

"I am completely beyond words, as an explaination eludes me. But I know that the nature of this thing is dependant on your appearance." the suddenly pedantic singer said.

Not all was lost, however. "This whole thing does inspire me a little to write a song." the pop singer remarked, afterwards. "I just can't explain it one bit."

Police are investigating, although hope of a timely explaination remains dim. "We just can't illuminate this matter at all right now. But, there is something - just something - about your appearance this fine evening. Again, we can't elucidate at present."

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