Entertainment Tonight Disapproves
Of New Film

A landmark moment in entertainment has arrived. It seems that a movie has been made which Entertainment Tonight does not approve of.

If you've ever seen Entertainment Tonight, then you're probably aware of the fact that it gives glowing praise to any movie on the show. A movie could consist of 50-minutes of footage of a man hammering nails, and Entertainment Tonight would say something like, "I can't to see that when it comes out. You'll have to nail me down to keep me away!! Ha ha ha!! I think I urinated my pants out of the sheer excitement."

All that changed today when Bob Goen and Mary Hart were shown a film entitled Entertainment...My Ass. This film was written and directed by the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Stone and Parker said the reason that they made this extremely offensive parody of Entertainment Tonight was to see if a movie could actually be created that didn't garner approval from Entertainment Tonight.

Entertainment...My Ass tells the story of Bob Gayone and Mayi Fart. It consists of Gayone and Fart walking around a crowded New York subway station and pulling each others' pants down. Fart randomly yells, through a megaphone, "I saw Bob's sausage, tee hee hee!" Gayone takes the more subdued route, and merely rams his head into fat peoples' stomachs. Occasionally, Bob and Mayi stop to ask people how much they think Entertainment Tonight sucks.

Upon being shown this film, Goen slammed his hand through the monitor. Mary made numerous prank phone calls to Parker and Stone, in response to this movie.

It's refreshing to see chances being taken in today's derivative movie market. I'll be in the line to see this movie. Me and my ass.

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