There's Nothing Funny About
Copyright Infringment

Folks here at Madhouse were dismayed a little while back, when we discovered that some other websites were using images acquired from the Internet. Now, we're not sure if this is legal, and frankly we don't want to know. Here at the Madhouse we bring you only the finest examples of satire. So naturally, there's no room here for images pilfered or purloined from the internet.

"This is just downright dishonest, getting images from the wealth of pictures so readily available on the internet. Nobody at Madhouse would ever do such a thing," commented our very own Ryan, 'the big R'. "Instead, check out these brand new shots that we got from our... uh, exclusive Madhouse sources. I'm sure you'll find them interesting, and above all, original."

"At first, I was just shocked. I thought it was some sort of bad dream, but then I realized it was only too real. I cried for days," said Sean Grepple, a long-time satire advocate.

Pat P.J. McPats, another member of the Madhouse team, gave his opinion. "I for one believe that in all of this hubbub about Internet images, we've lost sight of the real issue: the stealthy submarines which could be lurking just below our waters at any moment. Either American, or from one of the breakaway Russian states, one thing is clear: these deadly subs must be stopped at any cost."

Eric, the Big "E" - who by the way looks exactly like his picture - was clearly not impressed either. "This is not going to make Carmen Electra happy when I tell her. She's been supportive of our efforts here since day one, or so I can only assume."

Although the stolen images might be funny, I think everyone can agree that copyright infringement is no laughing matter. Unless it's being committed by those hilarious apes on TBS' "The Chimp Channel", that Titanic parody always cracks me up.

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