Jenny Jones Celebrates A First

Jenny Jones was ecstatic after celebrating a first for her aptly named Jenny Jones show. Jenny just wrapped up filming on the first episode of Jenny Jones which does not involve busty strippers who were formerly high-school nerds.

"It was close there for a second," squealed Jenny Jones. "While we were filming the episode (High School Nerds Confront Their Former Bullies) our next guest, Shaniqua, walked out. She was wearing a very revealing t-shirt, and took time on her walk towards the stage to caress male audience members with her ample bosom. I thought, 'Oh no! Here we go, this woman's got to be a stripper. There goes a stripper-free show down the crapper. But when she sat down she explained that the reason that she wanted to confront her former bully, John, was that she was now a successful dermatologist. I stood there for a second, and waited. I tried not to let my excitement boil over. I was waiting for her to say something like, 'I'm a successful dermatologist...who's a stripper by night.' But that moment never came. That's when the excitement took its effect on me. I started screaming, 'Woo hoo!!! Number 1, baby! It your face, Maury! Who da queen now, beyatch?' That was when the audience members started leaving. But it didn't matter to me. I was as high as a cloud."

MADHOUSE asked longtime Jenny Jones viewer, Bill Bixby, what he thought of Jenny Jones wrapping up the first episode of the show that doesn't involve busty strippers who were formerly high-school nerds. "I think it's disgusting," spat an outraged Bixby. "What the hell does Jenny Jones think I tune into her show for? Certainly not for the compelling social commentary. I'm there for the strippers! Yeah baby!! Gimme a double scoop of that. I'm too cheap to actually go to the strip bar, so Jenny Jones was my substitute. I say was cause it looks like Jenny is taking a bold new direction. Well, I don't like this new direction, and I'll be damned if I'm going to take this lying down."

Shortly after we interviewed Bill, he was spotted outside the Jenny Jones studio, protesting against the Jenny Jones show. Bill was apparently holding signs which read, "Bill likes back, so bring it back!", and hollering, "Jenny have some class, and bring in the ass!"

It remains to be seen as to whether or not these protests have any influence on the show, but Bill remains optimistic. Keep marching Bill! We're rootin' for yah!

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