Minnie Driver Appearing In Court

Actress Minnie Driver has been called on to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom on Saturday, July 17, 1999. The charge: assault with a deadly weapon.

While appearing at the premier for the new Tarzan film, Driver inadvertantly slipped, and landed on a fan, Tim Jenkins, who was shouting for her autograph. Her chin caused severe lacerations to the Jenkins' face. It is expected that his face will require at least $30,000 worth of plastic surgery in order to even remotely approach what Jenkins looked like prior to the accident.

Mr. Jenkins launched a suit against Driver, seeking $100,000 dollars in damages. He claims the money is to cover the costs of his pain and suffering, and the cost of plastic surgery to repair his face. Jenkins' lawyer, Al Burns, states that Driver should be held at fault. Burns stated, in response to the suit, that, "Driver should definitely be held accountable. Her chin is quite triangular, and it was only a matter of time before she hurt someone with that thing. She should have covered it with a chin guard, or something. It's a lethal weapon. I wouldn't walk around flashing a loaded gun, would you? But that's essentially what Ms. Driver was doing."

Minnie Driver seemed quite adamant in her position that she can not be held at fault for the injuries caused to the man. "My chin is not that triangular. Come on, it's not," cried a distraught Driver, "is it? Tell me the truth?! It is isn't it? Boo hoo, leave me alone!!!"

If Mr. Jenkins does win this suit, it would the first time that a celebrity has been successfully sued for damage caused by their chin.

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