Local Man Uninspired by Hollow
Corporate Catchphrase

Jack Shamblee, a civil servant, was under a tight deadline to complete a performance review but was finding himself sadly undermotivated. "I was feeling really down, you know? I had just filed 7 T.H.J-35 forms in one day last week, and that gave me a good feeling. But still, I couldn't help but tell myself sure, Jack... but what have you done this week? You haven't even completed one Y.M.T form, even though Linda down in accounting has done 3! You're such a failure!".

Lacking motivation, Shamblee did what he normally does: he turned to the various motivational posters and knick-knacks which adorn his three by four foot cubicle. "Normally one glance at my 'hang in there' poster, mug, or anything purchased at our local Succesories is enough to lift my spirits, but this time it just didn't work. At first I thought it might be due to the fact that my job is just an endless charade, filling out form after form to give the illusion that my life serves some purpose. Then I thought nah, I just need more posters and knick-knacks."

Shamblee isn't the only person momentarily disenfranchised with the banal and soulless taglines of multinational corporations. Frank Horrins of Miami has had his own negative run-ins with slogans. "I always loved snowboarding, since I tried it during my vacation to Colorado." said Horrins. "Then one day, I was sitting around and this Nike commercial came on. The slogan said Just Do It, so I did what I had always wanted to do. I opened up my own snowboard shop, and it was so tweaked for like two months. Business was slow at first, and then I realized it was 'cause I was still in Miami. I went broke and my wife took the kids and moved in with her sister. Damn you Nike, you Swedish bastards!"

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