Parappa Sued For Plagurism

Parappa the Rapper, a young rastafarian pup with an ear for rhytmic rap, has been sued by his former mentors for plagurism.

Master Onion was principal in delivering the lawsuit. "At first/I thought/It was all in my mind/But on closer inspection/What did I find?/The things I had taught/To that little snot/He had used for his own advancemot!" the animated onion rapped, vainly trying to rhyme "advancement" with "snot."

When he first discovered the plagurism, Master Onion is said to have shouted "Hatatatatatatatatata!" in a furious rage.

An anthropomorphic frog was also involved in the lawsuit. He too was enraged with Parappa's alleged actions, and said that he too was furious. "Ribbit, ribbit, I can't stand it/Last song I had made, he already stoled it." He added, "In the rain or in the snow/He stole my funky funky flow/And now, he's really gotta go!"

The lawsuit alleges that, after Parappa had participated in a "jam session" with the claimants, he went on to pass of the music as his own work. "We'd be there, just jamming," explained one obnoxious chicken. "His contributions would be mostly repetitions of what I'd sing, but I let the little guy have his fun. That's my style - rich, phat, and dope. I certainly didn't think he'd pass off my 'recipe rap' as his own music!" she exclaimed. "I'd like to crack, crack, crack his head into the bowl./M.I.X. his brains into the bowl." she added, refusing to elaborate on the nature or location of said "bowl."

"Anyway, for the most part, he was rappin' awful." said a bizarre moose/bulldog creature.

The trial begins next month.

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