Really Freaky Liquid Found In Back Of Fridge

While searching through his fridge this Wednesday, Tom Pillis was faced with a disturbing sight. "Right there between the expired sour cream and half a bottle of relish, I found this flask-thingy filled with some really nasty yellow stuff." Mr. Pillis said, recounting the experience. "My last roommate, John was a lab-tech, so I didn't even want to think about what the hell that stuff was."

Upon expert examination, the urine-like yellow liquid was revealed to be in fact, urine. Dr. Carlos Guan, who performed the examination commented "it was fairly easy to determine that the liquid was actually urine, but the real question now is from what type of animal did the urine originate?"

After receiving the results, Mr. Pillis pondered "I might have had a flask full of some monkey's urine in my fridge for the past six months… It really makes you think, you know?"

Mr. Pillis' former roommate could not be contacted, keeping the exact origins of the sample shrouded in mystery. "It could be goat, monkey, dog or hell, even human urine. It's the mystery of this whole thing that really gives me the creeps." added Dr. Guan.

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