Technology In General Is A Pallid Substitute For My Lackluster Social Life

A Bitter Editorial "By Sala Brinkdock"

Sala here again. I've got an 1 hour window between Suddenly Susan and That Seventies Show, so since nobody calls me anymore, I thought that I'd write a little editorial. Online, of course.

Yeah, I know. But for some reason, nobody's home when I call. I wonder what they're doing, if they're not at home. Sometimes, I imagine a whole beautiful new world outside my house, but then I realize that that's silly. TV is inside.

First off, I'd like to talk a little about ICQ. For you "newbies" who don't know what ICQ is, well, you've got FluffyStar99 here to explain it to you! Basically, you can send messages to all your on-line friends, whenever you want! But the best part is that you can send messages to people you don't know, and then you can be friends with all sorts of people you've never met!

I myself have 16 ICQ people on my buddies list. While I don't know their real names, we still have meaningful conversations about last night's Ally McBeal and Dawson's Creek. Can you believe what Joey did last week? Oh my God! That's what I type.

Have you seen News Reporties? It's this musical that I'm watching all the time now. Once, I watched it 3 times in two days. I know, I know... I watch too much TV, but that's going to change next week. I assume.

Anyway, the great thing about News Reporties is that it's so badly done. You get to watch for the mistakes. That's where the fun is. You watch for where the people messed up. I know all the spots where the people messed up. Trivia? I am the trivia queen.

That brings me to You Don't Know Jack . If you haven't played the game, then you should. You could come over, some time, if you wanted. Anyway, You Don't Know Jack is soooo funny! It asks you questions, and when you get them wrong, the voice insults you! And when you get them right, you still get insulted! That's what's funny. You can even have a 2 player versus mode, although I've never used it. Anyway, YDKJ (You Don't Know Jack) is a great way to spend a Friday night, just you and the ol' computer.

I find myself facing a crisis. You see, I've built up this online personality and reputation for FluffyStar99 through my message-board postings, my numerous websites, and my ever-busy chat room surfing... but now, I realize that, in a short period of time, my handle will be outdated! I'm going to have to change it to FluffyStar2000, but will anybody recognize me? I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm losing sleep over this one.

Oops! Time to go!

Till next we speak, I remain,

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