Science Fiction Revealed to be Thinly
Veiled Social Commentary

A special committee of scientists and theoretical literists assembled last spring to investigate the genre of science fiction released a report which contained their findings last week.

The main thrust of the one-thousand and fifty-three page document was, as the head of the committee put it, "science fiction isn't really about killer aliens and cyborg armies run amok, it's actually a thinly veiled commentary on the society of today."

Gone are the days when one could lay back by a fireplace and enjoy the tale of legions of robotic soldiers rampaging the earth. Now we're forced to take some moral, ethical or spiritual message from the experience. With this startling revelation the genre of science fiction, or "sci-fi", be it in the form of a work of literature, film or television will take on a more sinister light.

The committee researched over 1000 works of literature and nearly 5000 hours of film and television before coming to their alarming conclusions. "Over 75% of science fiction contains some parallel to today's society. These parallels run the spectrum of topics from drug abuse to racism. The author comments on these topics often through the use of alien races which exhibit one human trait in a greatly exaggerated fashion."

Although that would leave 25% of the genre free from any deeper content, the committee did have a second, equally disturbing discovery. "An additional 24.7% of the genre bares some message about the possible ramifications of the exploitation and further development of current technologies. Through their poignant use of speculation as to the possible outcomes of the abuse of technology, this type of science fiction clearly enunciates a warning to society." said a committee spokesman. "The committee has agreed that this form of cautionary tale is just as unacceptable as any form of social commentary in science fiction."

To help discriminating science fiction fans reach the remaining "pure" .3% of the genre until the remainder is pulled from shelves, the committee has released a list of recommendations:

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