Star Wars Addict Already In Line For Episode 2

Despite the tentative May 24, 2002 release date for Star Wars: Episode 2, a dedicated fan has already started to line up for the film.

George Darcy, of Topeka, Kansas, started waiting in line at a local Famous Players on Wednesday, July 7, in the hopes that he'll be one of the first in line to see Star Wars: Episode 2.

"I wanted to make sure I'd be one of the first in line," explained George, "It was close, but I'm first in line here. Just look around here. They all want my spot, but they aren't gonna get it. This is George's spot, and George will be damned if anyone is going to take it away from Georgy-Boy!"

MADHOUSE asked Darcy if he had snapped, and reminded him that the movie was over two years away. Darcy's response was indicative of madness, "I have to be here. That's what George Lucas would want for me. George and me are the same. We both have the same first name. I have to be here to support him. I have to be first in line. They all want my spot, but I'll be damned if they're going to take it away from me. Not here, not him, and especially not that leprechaun poking me with a spoon. I'm prepared to forego the pleasures of home, such as bathing, television, and my loving family, in order to be first in line. I may smell like manure when I get in, but I'll be stinking happy." We informed Darcy that there was no leprechaun there, and that's when Darcy chased us away with a stick. He quickly returned to his spot, fearing that someone might try to take it away from him.

MADHOUSE hopes that Darcy will come to the realization that there's no rush to get into line for Episode 2, and return to his family.

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