That Coffee Shop Is So Totally Last Year

By Cyndi Smith

Like, oh my god! What is the deal with the coffee shop? It's so last year!

It's such a total embarrassment just to be seen in the same town with it! What kind of Poindexters run that has-been hangout? Like, once, my girlfriends and I accidently found ourselves within its walls, and it is such a complete nerdsville! And what's with the Spice Girls posters? That's like, six months ago. Get a clue, people! There wasn't even one major hottie in the entire joint. Not counting yours truly, of course. They should, like, tear it down or something. At least then I won't have to see its lamewad signs when I walk by.

And, oh my god, did you hear what happened to Rebecca? Daniel, who's only the hottest guy in school, asked her to the PROM!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! They are going to to have such a totally awesome time! I sense some serious make-out possibilities on the horizen!

Did you see what that Suzi chick was wearing yesterday? I mean, why not just wear a sign that says "I'm a totally major slut" around your neck? She was, like, totally hanging out of her dress. I wanted to slap her or something? And the guys just totally drool over her every time she does it. She is such a bitch.

Anyways, Andy called me last night, and he was totally like "Wanna hang out?" and I was like "I don't know..." and then he was like "Well, my parents are out of town.." AAAAAAAHHHHH! He is such a major studmuffin! I don't know if I'm gonna wear my blue dress or my cute little red one? I think Andy likes blue, but like one time he was like "Blue rots." I am in total confusion! At least I know how I'm gonna do my hair, you know?

That reminds me! I'm late for my hair with Terri, so we'll talk later, ok? Love you!


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