TV Is A Pallid Substitute For My
Lackluster Social Life

By Sala Brinkdock

I know, I know, television's bad. But what else am I going to watch? A wall? And, I mean, nobody calls me up anymore to do anything, so I suspose television is as good a way as any to whittle away my remaining years. Sure, I've got a while to go, but sometimes they have really good movies on! Like last week, there was this made-for-television movie about these kids stuck in a mine! Man, I thought they'd never escape! And just when you thought that they'd made it, another shaft collapsed! It's "to be continued" next week, so I have to watch it then.

And, you know, sometimes they have really good educations shows on, like that stuff they show on TLC. The Learning Channel, you know? Yeah, I watch that all the time. I also like the cartoons, because they're generally easier to follow than the sitcoms. Some of those sitcoms are confusing, eh? Especially when they jump around from character to character like that. That's the reason why I stopped watching my soaps too.

It's just, you know, sometimes I'd like to have someone to talk to, eh? At least, I did, until I got the internet on my computer. Now I can talk to strangers from all over the world! No, it's better than it sounds! Like once, I went on this "F/X: The Series" chat room and we all talked about the show! They liked it too, and now CogNoiD_89 and I are e-buddies. That's what they call it, you know, e-buddies. She even gave me her e-mail address and everything!

Oh, sorry - gotta go! World's Funniest Outtakes is on, and I never miss that one! Till next time,

Sala Brinkdock

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