Kasparov Demands Rematch Against VCR

After a much anticipated and heated two hour battle to set the clock on his VCR, Kasparov emerged defeated. Experts had predicted that Kasparov would easily program his VCR in less than an hour, but in a shocking move he dropped the manual behind the couch and was forced to program without assistance.

"It's not fair," insisted Kasparov. "...There was simply no way that I could possibly defeat such a machine." The VCR in question, a JVC-1700X has been described by many as "notoriously difficult to program."

Kasparov described the match, saying "It's like it predicted my every move, and any time I slipped up it would capitalise on my error... I thought I almost had it, but then it hit me with the time zones. I should have seen it coming, but I was fatigued from programming my microwave and alarm clock earlier that day. Damn power company."

Kasparov seemed angered with his loss. "Why the hell does a VCR need time zones anyway? The only travelling this thing is going to be doing is when I toss it out the window."

Moments after the interview, Kasparov's 8 year old nephew programmed the VCR. "I only had to look beyond the numbers," the boy explained.

PW 2000.