VW Ad Causes High School Chemistry Student To Fail

The new Volkswagen commercial brags that a new element has been discovered, called Turbonium, which is hailed as the fastest element on the earth. VW claims that Turbonium is used in the construction of its new VW Bug.

This commercial is obviously a joke designed to get people interested in VW's new line of Bugs. It's a perfectly harmless commercial...or is it?

Struggling high school chemistry student, Tony Garina, recently failed his high school chemistry exam because of the commercial. Tony described the heart-breaking situation, "I got to this question on the exam that said something like, 'Describe an element that has been discovered in the last 10 years, and its possible uses.' I thought, 'What a joke man! Skid row!' I knew I was going to ace the question because I had just seen the VW commercial for Turbonium. I wrote down, 'VW discovered Turbonium, and it is being used in the construction of the VW Bug.' But then when I got back the exam, the teacher had written, 'Are you an idiot? Nowhere during your response did you come even remotely close to getting the right. See you in summer school, moron.' How was I supposed to know that the commercial was fake? It seemed so serious and everything."

Due to this incident, VW has implemented some changes to their advertising campaign, as shown here in this exclusive photo:

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