X-Men Movie Coming Along Nicely, Says Professor X

Fans of the X-Men will be pleased to know that progress in the movie is coming along nicely, at least according to no less that X-Men leader Professor X!

"The filming crew have impressed me with their professionally" said Xavier in an exclusive interview. "My initial fear about their level of craftsmanship have given way to no small amount of respect."

Many were pleased to see Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants come together with Xavier's X-Men for the project. As many of our readers are aware, there have been tensions in the past between the two groups of mutants. But, it seems like it's all smiles on the X-Men set!

Famed X-Men Wolverine agreed. "It's been great, bub. Take it from this Canuckle-head, this project's been a real blast. The crew's the best at what they do." Photo-alert! Wolverine was gracious enough to pose for us with one arm around Magneto's waist, adamantium claws extended! But unfortunately, we can't show the picture here until the movie's been released! Sorry, folks!

Storm was unfortunately absent from the shooting that day, but rumor has it that she'll be a major contender come this year's best dressed list! Let's all hope nobody steals her thunder!

Mutant X-Man Rogue was pleased with the film's progress as well. "It's been great, sugah! Just a handful of fun!" bubbled Rogue, running a hand through her white-streaked hair. "My, but everyone's been so awfully nice!" You don't have to have Cyclop's laser-vision to see that!

But not all is well! Some exclusive sources have told us of some behind-the-scenes tension, in none other than the X-Men's camp! Seems that Gambit may be more than a little peeved off at not being included in the project! Is this the end of our card-tossing Cajun's involvement with the X-Men? Don't bet on it! "Ah be ere to stay, cherie," said the famed Cajun. "I gar-on-tee."

Finishing the interviews, Xavier and Magneto led us on a tour of the sets, with Magneto giving a tour of the X-Men base set, and Professor X directing the visit to Mageto's lair! It was X-ceptional!

The X-Men movie is slated for release in July. We're all waiting for it, Xavier!

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