Bunch Of Crazy Kids Make Up News
Stories, Present Them As Fact

In a reckless display of contempt for the legitimate journalist's art, three area youths are being condemned by the real media for making up stupid news stories and presenting them as fact, sources reveal.

"They're detracting from actual news and entertainment." said an honest-to-God legitimate reporter. "What we give the public is real. What they give is made up, fake, a fraud. It's not even real. And what's the point of reading about something if it isn't real?"

"It's like they don't even care," said one actual journalist. "Either that, or they're pointing out the faults of society in a humourous fashion, with an eye to improvement. Whatever they're doing, they're out of control."

The work is presented on-line, in a weekly internet web-site called "Insane Abode." Those responsible go by the names of "Eric, the Big 'E'," "Pat PJ McPats," and "Ryan."

"It's a real nuisance." said one reader of the three youth's work. "I always think that I'm reading real news. I think, 'Alright! Jenny Jones had a stripper-free show!' but then months later I realize that, hey, they were just making that stuff up. Jenny Jones would never have a stripper-free show, and the article was actually using satire to point that out. I honestly don't know why I keep coming back."

"Yeah, that's a real problem. Every time I finish reading their hilarious and pointed work, I walk away thinking that, finally, famous people and broad social trends are getting what's coming to them..." another regular reader agreed. "Only later do I realize that the universe is not so bitterly ironic." she explained.

Others complained that they have trouble distinguishing what they read from reality. "I spent hours looking for the 'Ass Rubbing Tarzan' action figure that they did an article on once - I went everywhere. Just couldn't find the damn thing. Pity, really."

The Globe and Mail spoke out against the work of the youths. "They're confusing the mentally weak and the just plain stupid among us." said the newpaper giant. "The lowest common denominator can't grasp what they're doing, which leads to widespread confusion. Sure, for the hip and clever, the site is great. But stupid people use the internet too, and when they stumble across the site and are exposed to the youth's ingenious and deliciously satirical work, it only confuses them."

In response to these charges, the youths plan a cleverly self-referential news story describing the event.

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