The Top 10 New CBS Shows

10. Show: M.A.S.H. Bridges
Concept: Through a science experiment gone awry, Don Johnson and Cheech Marin are transported to a military medical facility in the Korean War, where they are joined by the cast of M.A.S.H. This show combines the hilarity of M.A.S.H. with the high intensity drama of Nash Bridges.

9. Show: Walker: Texas Senior
Concept: This story chronicles the crime fighting journey of a kung-fu grandpa, nicknamed "Walker", because he uses a walker in his high intensity martial arts. The only one napping will be criminals, when Walker sends them into eternal slumber.

8. Show: 2 Minutes
Concept: CBS is contemplating shrinking 60 Minutes into a fast-paced 2 minute version, most of which will consist of footage of a stop-watch. The other 58 minutes will be devoted to advertising.

7. Show: Touched By An Uncle
Concept: This show follows a horny uncle who goes around touching everyone, because he believes that he's invisible. You'll fall on the floor laughing as people become enraged with the crazy, perverted uncle.

6. Show: Wheel Of Torture
Concept: Wheel Of Torture is in the same vein as Wheel Of Fortune, but with a catch... From time to time implements of destruction are fired at the contestants. There ain't no room for sissies in Wheel Of Torture!! It's wheely good! Take this show for a spin!! Ha ha...ha...uh, I got nothing.

5. Show: Everybody Hates Raymond
Concept: This is a spin-off series of Everybody Loves Raymond, and is written by Gene Roddenberry's cousin, Roy Roddenberry. Ray Ramano plays himself, but this series takes place in a universe where everyone hates Raymond. Watch Raymond quiver in fear as he receives death threats late at night from everyone in town. You'll laugh as the paperboy hurls bricks at Ray's mailbox. You'll cry as Ray gets savagely beaten by a little league baseball team.

4. Show: Jeopardy...For Morons
Concept: Are you tired of watching Jeopardy and feeling like a complete moron? Does your family laugh at you when you blurt out answers that aren't even close, or when you crap your own pants? Well, this show can solve one of your problems. Jeopardy...For Morons asks such questions as, "What colour is your shirt?" and "What rhymes with cut?"

3. Show: Kids Do The Darndest Things
Concept: Bill Cosby hosts this show that interview little kids convicted of such felonies as grand theft auto, grand larceny, blackmail, and more!! The fun doesn't stop when Bill gets these kids to unknowingly have all their confessions broadcast across America. Oh, those wacky little guys!

2. Show: Candid Camera: The Revenge!
Concept: This show follows former victims of Candid Camera victims as they get revenge on the crew of Candid Camera. See the crew members grudgingly smile after having the living crap beat out of them, after they're told to, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera: The Revenge!"

1. Show: Late Edition
Concept: A man receives his paper days later than the rest of his neighbourhood, and ponders whether he should cancel his subscription.

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