Top 10 Signs That You've Entered A
Concert Hall, Instead Of Your
Office Building

10. Your boss didn't mention that he recently hired Redman.

9. Isn't it against company policy to be urinated on without your approval?

8. The last time you checked, only 3 employees were heroine addicts.

7. People in the office seem to exhibit an eerily similar taste in music.

6. You buy a bottle of water for the low price of...$5.50!?!

5. You know work is stressful, but is crowd surfing really the best way to unwind?

4. It doesn't normally cost so much money just to get in the building.

3. There's a lot more topless women than you remember at the last time you came.

2. You ask someone who you should give the employees' efficiency report to, and are tackled from behind by a sweaty teenager.

1. The last time you went to the washroom there was a lot less of a urine smell, not to mention less condom wrappers.

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