In The News This Week:
Web Site Breaks Story Of "Survivor" Winner!

After Pages and Pages of Ads, All That Can Be Discerned is "The Winner Is You, The Viewer!"

"That Friggin Blows." Says Reader

MADHOUSE Receives 2 Prestigious Links

Fame Comes Equally From Both IGN and Bobs House of Links

Authorities Agree: Being In A Position Of Authority Kicks Ass

Confirming what many have long suspected, the United Nations last week announced that they, and other authorities, kicked major ass.

RIAA Introduces Tax On Computers

Fee of $100/Computer To Offset Music Piracy Losses, Pay for Fantabulous Limousine and Solid Gold Suit...

What's Happening To Our Frogs?

MADHOUSE brings you one of the most supremely and surreally messed-up articles ever.

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