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From:Cheeze It
Subject: damn the communist basterds
Message: hey guys this is what i sent to them as a joke on the contact us thing "i got a awesome computing joke: "Bob: hey do u know a funny website. Drew: yeah i know a great one Both:hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Bob: that's some funny shit man Drew: yeah i wish those damn basterds would give up to people who caould actually use it for a purpse""
ps great site i'm recruiting everyone to join in the fight

Eric, the Big "E", Responds: See, this guy knows what he's talking about! Not only does he use the comical spelling of the word "Cheese", but he's also doing his part to help us annoy the morons working over at The problem was that they didn't get that you were blatantly insulting them, and they've put your new joke up on the "Top 10 New Jokes list."

As for the communism comment, is based on the principals of communism. Everyone working their contributes their fair share of shitty jokes to post up.

Man, I hate that fucking site. They have a link to Carrot Top. Carrot Top?!? Anyone ever seen "Chairman Of The Board"? Yeah, well neither have I. He'd attach a miniature toilet to a bib, and go, "Look, this is for supermodels!" Ha ha ha, cause they're bulimic. Good work, Carrot Top, now our world's a little less funny. Asshole.

Pat PJ McPats Responds: I don't know, I think that joke might win you their captioning contests. With previous winners like "Yeah, I'm Vinnie da Woim, who's askin, butt-beak?" how could any non-retarded person possibly lose?

ps By "everyone" I hope you don't mean your parents.

"Robot House!!" - Crusty Dean.

From: eh?
Subject: eh?
Message: Canada Rules

Pat PJ McPats Responds: Ha ha... I get it, us Canadians say eh a lot...

P.S Canada does rule.

Eric, the Big "E", Responds: Oh man, we're so fucking desperate for mail that we're actually posting this. How sad is that? It's like handing in a napkin for your book report, hoping that you'll get a better mark than handing in nothing. Well, as Pat and I will attest, it doesn't work. And why is the subject "Eh?" Are you questioning as to whether Canada Rules? I've done extensive research and the results were conclusive: Canada Kicks Ass, whoooooahhhhh!!!

From: Hanson
Subject: Huh?
Message: Are we butch lesbians? I mean, come on, we don't know?

Eric, the Big "E", Responds: Let me just consult the magic eight ball. Outlook fuzzy, try again later?!? You piece of shit!! Here...Ryan, you try it.

Ryan Responds: I got all signs point to yes. Looks like we have a winner.

From: Jungle Man
Subject: Bumper Stickers
Message: What's the best bumper sticker you've ever seen?

Ryan Responds: It depends... I don't know why people insist on buying knock-offs of well known bumper stickers. I saw one Mr. and Mrs. White Volvo who, instead of paying the extra 50 cents for a "Baby on Board" sticker, used "Baby in Car" instead. "Baby in Car"? At least the first one had alliteration. This one doesn't do anything more than blandly describe the current contents of the car. Do people want a "People in Car" sticker?

Ok, bad example. That would kind of rule.

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